How to make the best salad, always

8th Oct 2017

Here is the easiest and most delicious way of making a foolproof salad every time.

You can use this recipe with just about any ingredients you like to chuck into your salads – so go wild!

This is just the base for your salad, so see this as your your foundation and whatever you put into the salad as the building blocks.

The below recipe is for a salad for 2-3 people. If you’re making a massive family salad increase the quantities and if it’s a salad for one then halve the below. Obvs. 

Quick note: This salad is only suitable for making fresh. Do not make this salad and leave for an hour or two, serve it straight after you’ve made it. If you’re planning a dinner party prepare everything except the foundation and keep the ingredients separated or just make it as the last thing before serving the food. Saucy salad is fantastic, but soggy salad is not cool!