Learn how to meal prep like a boss: easy tips + no fuss recipes

1st Oct 2020

Want to learn how to meal prep like a boss with easy tips & no fuss recipes?Meal prep hacks can make it much easy to stay on track and allow you to keep your food interesting with no fuss and simple recipes. This can give you time to work on your flavours and give you time to add in all the good stuff like protein, nutrients and fats etc. Because no one likes a complicated recipe and lots of washing up.


So my first top tip is to make a ridiculous amount of food when you cook and save for later, freeze a bit and eat some there and then. 🍝

Ain’t nobody got time for cooking several meals a week, so just batch cook and pretend you’re cooking for an army.

Watch the video above for my batch cooked pasta recipe that is easy, quick and has simple ingredients that don’t cost the earth.

Watch out for more of my meal prep tips coming this month. For now, why not check out the rest of my delicious healthy recipes here.