I’m a South African entrepreneur, personal trainer, nature lover, yoga teacher in training and nutritional coach with the aim to help others make informed and positive changes to their lives.

My training style is focused on strength and conditioning with a special interest in free movement like yoga and dance to help compliment more intensity training. My fiercely energetic personality and strong work ethic makes sessions dynamic, fun and spicy!

I have a background in martial arts and dancing from my childhood, and as an adult I have enjoyed discovering climbing, CrossFit and weight training.

I embarked on my fitness journey with the mission to work on my mental and physical health - I was desperate for change! I learnt new habits to help me stay active and found a focus in my life after experimenting with many diets trying to lose weight.

It’s through my own experience that I’ve gained insight into what works well, and I can tell you now it’s about being flexible, consistent and disciplined.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you and creating a lifestyle that makes you feel inspired and proud!

Let's move!