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Fit Living Membership
Fit Living Membership
Fit Living Membership
Time to craft a strong body and mind

Find what feels good for your body, build a routine that works for your lifestyle and connect with a community of like minded individuals.

Create consistency and keep things interesting with a variety of workouts, yoga and mindset chats, as well as guest teachers each month, plus more!

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1:1 Coaching


Private Coaching is for you if you are finally ready to step out of your own way, drop the negative and destructive thinking, ditch the limiting beliefs you have, and start to live in alignment with your vision of yourself.

I work on a 1:1 basis with clients to help unlock their full potential and create serious mindset shifts that will change the way you think, behave and see the world around you, which in turn can have transformational effects on the rest of your life too.


Wellness coaching is for you if you have a specific fitness, strength, health, or wellness goal that you would like to achieve, but you just need a little extra support, structure and accountability. Well, I got you!

This type of coaching is for the self starter that is ready to jump into action, but requires weekly guidance, check ins and clear structure to improve on. Each client is different, so each program is unique and bespoke to your life and goals.


Movement Coaching is for you if you would like support with strength training, yoga, or if you need technique help or just want to gain confidence with movement. You can choose between Lashara and Lynn to have strength based style sessions with, and yoga sessions are exclusively with Lashara.

Both Lynn and Lashara have over 30 years of combined experience and will help guide you to moving with confidence, build strength, and find what feels good for your body!

My Name’s Lashara

I’m a South African entrepreneur, mindset and wellness coach, mentor, personal trainer, yoga teacher, foodie-fan, travel enthusiast, life-strategist, and all round nature and animal lover.

I am currently navigating life on a boat with two doggos and a husband. We sometimes live on land, but mostly we can be found out at sea. I know, unconventional, but who wants to be normal.

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