Spicy Enchiladas

3rd Sep 2020

Spicy kimchi prawn and mint fusion enchiladas that are damn tasty. Trust me! So here is the full video on how to whip up these bad boys…

I used Old El Paso enchiladas. I normally use their tacos for this recipe, but I ran out and the stores only stocked these enchiladas – so this is what I used and it worked really well. So freestyle is the sum total of my point.

I used The Happy Prawn co. prawns, because I’m officially converted! These are some seriously sustainable prawns and have an incredible taste! Check out why I love The Happy Prawn co. so much and my full tasty taco recipe HERE.

I chose Fry Light spray in the pan instead of oil or butter as it saves on calories. Easy hack!

To add another splash flavour, I included Vadasz deli kimchi and Thai Taste sriracha for a little kick. The Dorset Meat company garlic salt has been a game-changer in the salt department recently and I am true fan of trying to source as much of my ingredients sustainably and/or locally. Lastly, just when you think you can’t add another range of spice, I added some of Gran luchito spice as it’s a non-negotiable.

Pack all of this deliciousness in your tortilla, roll it up and top with cheese and all the extras to build a mammoth of tastiness ready to bake to melted perfection.

Happy eating!