Spicy Prawn Tacos

20th Aug 2020

I have fallen in love with many Mexican inspired dishes over the years but my new go-to dinner are these spicy and seriously juicy prawn tacos that are fully loaded with flavour and deliciousness. 

I used the incredible Happy Prawn Co for the main filling because I love their non-invasive and sustainable method of farming that is produced without the use of antibiotics, chemicals or plastics. Intensive prawn farming can be four times worse for the environment than eating beef so I was overjoyed to discover their company as they also support various environmental organisations, such as The Marine Conservation society and work with small scale farmers to ensure fair pay. 

Sustainable, ethical and responsible farming is definitely the big bonus besides creating this delicious meal for me. Their company avoids the environmental damage and pollution that comes from intensely farming prawns; contaminating local water with chemical pollution to the deforestation for plastic lined ponds for farming is all avoided.

So I have put together a recipe with their gorgeous produce and a sexy salad to bring you all round tasty meal. I am always on the hunt for locally sourced ingredients or to find companies that are striving to be less detrimental to the environment – which let me tell you, can be hard to find sometimes! If you’re looking for prawns that are farmed sustainably and ethically these guys are the best in the industry! Plus their prawns are HUGE and juicy! So please enjoy and try out their awesome range!

 I have partnered up with Rosida the founder of The Happy Prawn Co and her team to bring you the treat of buy 3 of their prawn packets and get one free with the code below: 

Buy 3, get 1 Free CODE: HAPPYEATING 

When it comes to Tacos you don’t need to over complicate it. So let’s get stuck in…